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With more than 650 million active social media users in China, it would be easy to fill a page with mind blowing statistics on its use. But what figures miss are contextual importance. Social media in China is directly integral to buying decisions for nearly every type of product and service in a way that is not comparable in the West. Social media is not important for selling in China, it is crucial.

The Chinese digital landscape differs hugely from that of the West. The two key social media platforms are Weibo, and WeChat. To compare them with Twitter or Facebook would be incorrect because they are very different technically, and used differently. Both are far more sophisticated than Western social media.

Wherever they are in the world, whether at home or abroad, Chinese consumers utilise social media and web searches intensely when planning to make purchases. More than 60% of consumers search Weibo for brand information before making purchasing decisions, plus on average they log into WeChat more than 10 times per day. Nearly half of all purchases of mid and high ticket items in China are bought as a direct result of influence from social media.

We provide a step by step process to build brand presence on social media:

  1. Set up verified Weibo accounts
  2. Develop social content strategy – tone of voice, posting frequency, original vs re-purposed content, content types and performance metrics
  3. Social content creation and distribution
  4. User and crisis management
  5. Social promotion through Key Opinion Leaders and Weibo advertising
  6. WeChat account set-up* and customised menu build
  7. WeChat online to offline campaign planning
  8. Social performance tracking and reporting

Whether you are looking for strategic social media, or advice to enhance existing activity, let us impress you.

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